Hello! I’m Charlotte. I’m an MA student in Graphic Arts at UWE Bristol, and a freelance graphic designer.

I came to design quite late on my twenties, having done my undergraduate degree in historical studies at the University of Bristol. As much as I enjoyed history, I realised art and design was my true passion and what I wanted to pursue as a career. However, the industry is not super open to people who don’t have qualifications in design. So, I put a portfolio together of my random collection of artistic endeavours and got on to this MA.

This blog documents my journey and experiences as I learn and grow as a designer. Let’s be real: this is as much for me as anyone else, so I can track my own progress and growth. I hope for it to serve as a repository of things I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully it will serve as inspiration for anyone out there who also wants to be a designer, especially if you’ve come to it later on in life and don’t think your journey is the “typical” one. I want to make design as accessible to as many people as possible and encourage everyone to follow their passion.

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